WordPress 2.01 released

WordPress 2.0 made big waves at the blogging world, and soon everyone upgraded to the new wordpress blog engine. But, there were some bugs and sometimes I felt that the older 1.5 version was better. But, the import tool for Blogger was really nice and I love it. Exactly 1 month after version 2.0 was released, the 2.01 version has been released. The wordpress development team has squashed out 114 bugs. To summarize:

  • You can now specify an upload directory, and whether to use date-based storage or not.
  • Caching has been fixed under certain PHP enviroments.
  • Permalinks have been fixed for weird enviroments as well.
  • XML-RPC uploading works.
  • Compatibility with older versions of PHP.
  • Several WYSIWYG fixes and cleanups.
  • Imports now use much less memory.
  • Now works with MySQL 5.0 in strict mode.

Some users complain that wordpress doesn’t provide the support found in other proprietary blogging softwares(like Movabletype). In my opinion, the users in the IRC channel of wordpress(#wordpress) are very helpful and I was able to correct a small problem within minutes. What is your opinion on this and have you experienced any problem with any of the blogging softwares?

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