ODOC: nameif

nameif — NAME network InterFaces based on MAC addresses.

Summary :

nameif is used to rename the network interfaces based on MAC addresses. It is useful, when you have more then one network interfaces/cards & you want to specify the name (eth0, .. ) for each interfaces.


# nameif — Read the config info from /etc/mactab file.

# nameif -s — Same as above. But error messages goto the syslog.

# nameif -s eth0 00:0D:87:77:74:5C — Name the card with specified MAC as eth0 and error goto syslog.


  1. Nameif should be run before the interface is up, otherwise it’ll fail.
  2. Format of the /etc/mactab file:

    # Comments

    eth0 00:0D:87:77:74:5B

    eth1 00:0D:87:78:7D:6B

Read: man nameif

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