About Free Software Blog

Welcome to Free Software Blog.

My name is Srinivasan and I have started this blog where I will post about the various Free Softwares available and how they could be used as a viable alternative to the proprietary ones.

I need to emphasise here about what I mean by Free Softwares.

Free software, as defined by the Free Software Foundation, is software which can be used, copied, studied, modified and redistributed without restriction. Freedom from such restrictions is central to the concept of “free software”, such that the opposite of free software is proprietary software, and not software which is sold for profit, such as commercial software. Free software may sometimes be known as libre software, FLOSS, or open source software.

According to Richard M Stallman and the FSF, Softwares which provides the following four freedoms are classified as Free Software.

  • the freedom to run the program for any purpose (called “freedom 0”)
  • the freedom to study and modify the program (“freedom 1”)
  • the freedom to copy the program so you can help your neighbor (“freedom 2”)
  • the freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community benefits (“freedom 3”)

See the FSF Website to know more about Free Software and Freedom

In this blog I will post tutorials, tips and tricks on using free softwares instead of the proprietary ones, so that you would have the above mentioned freedoms. You can also comment on my articles so that it makes me to think. If you want me to write about some specific content, then please write to me at cnus8n@gmail.com.