Globulation 2 – Free RTS game for linux

Globulation 2Globulation 2 is an innovative Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game which reduces micro-management by automatically assigning tasks to units. This means the user just has to assign specific number of units for a task and the units automatically do what is best for that job.

  • It has nice AIs with varying levels of difficulties
  • Includes a scripting language for versatile gameplay
  • Nice set of tutorials which walk through the player with the various tasks
  • An integrated map editor allowing you to create your own maps
  • Play in single player, local area network or over the internet with Ysagoon Online Gaming.

One unique thing about this game is that it doesn’t have any humans or other creatures. All the characters in this game are called globs(see pic) and look and move funny. It is a nice game and I am playing it for the past 2 days.

It is available in Synaptic, but it would be better if you could download and install it.