Deluge Bittorrent client for Linux

deluge logoIn windows I used to have uTorrent for downloading my torrents. Under Linux I searched for a nice software which doesn’t take too much system resources. Atlast I found Deluge which is written in Python and has a very easy to use interface just like uTorrent.

It shows detailed statistics about the torrent you are downloading, multiple torrents download using the same interface, even a built-in search engine.

If you are using debian/ubuntu, Deluge can be apt-getted easily. Just add the followind lines to your sources.list file. There are two repositories, you can add either one of them.

deb dapper main
deb dapper main

After adding it, run sudo apt-get install deluge

It requires python-libtorrent_0.4.0 but all the dependencies will be handled by apt-get automatically (why else do you use apt-get).

There are packages for Gentoo and Arch Linux. You can also download the package by visiting the trac page. Ubuntu Forums host a support forum for Deluge. You can ask for help there.

This new version 0.4 supports plugins and various plugins are available for monitoring the network, showing the graphs, monitoring CPU usage.