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Todo.txt – simple todo app

You might have used a variety of online services to maintain your todo list. But there are variuos reasons to use a text todo file which is stored on your own PC. You just have to use a single todo.txt file which contains your list of items. Todo.txt shows you how to maintain your todo list.
The file contains one item per line. The items can be categorised under variuos projects using the tag p:project. For eg. if I want to categorise a particular item under college, then I tag it as p:college. There are also contexts which show when/where the particular item has to be done. Eg. if I have to make a phone call, then I would tag it as @phone.
An example todo.txt file may be

write blog entry about todo.txt p:fslog
clean up room
call broadband provider for connection @phone

The site also has shell files which can be used to maintain the todo.txt files. You can download them and use it to maintain your own todo list. One advantage of using the text files are that you could just grep the file to find what tasks are pending.