Xgl – 3D desktop for linux

Linux users can now boast of a better 3D desktop because of efforts from Novell. Novell is contributing a new graphics subsystem called “Xgl” and the associated “Compiz” compositing manager to the granddaddy of all Linux and UNIX windowing infrastructures, X.org.

This move has brought the interest of various graphics chip vendors like Intel, ATI and Nvidia.

Xgl enables *nix systems to fully take advantage of 3-D acceleration hardware. Xgl according to Novell’s description is the X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL. The new enhancements enable a long list of capabilities for Linux that include improved 3-D capabilities and more fluid “fancy” desktop animations and transitions.

This new Xgl will run below KDE or GNOME (the two most popular desktop environments). It is just the X framework with added 3D features. This will provide better driver support from the various chip vendors.

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