ODOC: cdplay,cdp

cdplay, cdp — Program to Control & Play Audio CDs.

Summary :

cdplay is a text-mode program for controlling and playing audio CDs. cdp is same as cdplay. But it is an interactive program. It uses the NUM keypad as a control panel to allow you to move track to track, play, pause, stop, and resume playing of audio CDs.


$ cdp — Start in interactive mode with text based user interface.

$ cdplay — Start playing the Audio CD in the CD Drive.

$ cdplay play 6 — Play the track number 6.

$ cdplay stop — Stop it.

$ cdplay -l — Slow start (Give some time for CD Drive to init).

$ cdplay table — Show CD Contents.


  • Most of the command line options are same for cdplay and cdp.
  • If the Audio-Out of the CD Drive is not connected to sound card then, you have use the head-phone out of the CD Drive to hear the music.

Read: man cdp/cdplay

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