ODOC: arp

arp — Manipulate the Address Resolution Protocol cache

Summary :

It is used to view/add/del kernel’s ARP cache table entries.


$ arp — Show ARP Cache table.

$ arp -v — For detailed output.

$ arp -n — Show Address in numeric. Don’t try to resolve the names.

$ arp wify — Show the ARP entry for wify host.

$ arp -a wify — Same as above.

$ arp -t ether — Only show ether HW class entries.

$ arp -i eth0 — Show ARP entries of eth0 interface.

# arp -d — Delete the ARP entry for this IP.

# arp -s 00:0B:22:33:44:55 — Add a new entry.

# arp -f arps.txt — Same as above. Here data will be taken from the arps.txt file.

Read: man arp

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