ODOC: uniq

uniq — Remove duplicate lines from a SORTED file.

Summary :

It prints the unique lines in a sorted file. If input is not sorted then, only adjacent duplicate lines are discarded.


$ uniq myfile — Print only unique lines.

$ uniq -i myfile — Ignore case when comparing.

$ uniq -u myfile — Print only lines, Which is not duplicated.

$ uniq -c myfile — Print all unique lines with no .of occurrence.

$ uniq -d myfile — Print only duplicate lines. If a line duplicated then, only one line will be printed.

$ uniq -D myfile — Print all duplicate lines.

$ uniq -w5 myfile — Use only first 5 Chars for checking the uniqueness of the line.

$ uniq -f2 myfile — Don’t compare up-to 2nd field.

$ uniq -s2 myfile — Don’t compare up-to 2nd char.

$ sort myfile | uniq > output — Sort myfile & store the uniq output.

Read : man uniq

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