ODOC: tree

tree – List contents of Dirs in a TREE-like format.

Summary :

Tree is a recursive directory listing program that produces a listing of files in different formats according to the options.

Examples :

$ tree — Recursive listing of Dirs and files.

$ tree dir1 dir2 — list the files from Dir1 and Dir2.

$ tree -a — List all files including the hidden files.

$ tree -d — List only Dir entries.

$ tree -f — List file with full path prefix.

$ tree -i — List the file in the ls style.

$ tree -P ‘*txt’ — List the files with txt extension.

$ tree -I ‘*txt’ — List the file with-out txt extension.

$ tree -p — List files with permission info.

$ tree -s — List files with Size info.

$ tree -u — List files with User Name/ID.

$ tree -g — List files with Group Name/ID.

$ tree -D — List files with Last modified date.

$ tree -F — Add Symbols (as per ls -F) to the files.

$ tree -t — Sort the output by Last modified time.

$ tree -C — Turn On colorization.

$ tree -n — Turn Off colorization.

NOTE: By default, It will not be installed in RedHat Distro.

Read : man tree

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