ODOC: cd

cd — Change the Current Directory

Summary :

If there is one command that I use frequently it is cd. cd is bash shell’s built-in command. It is used to change the present working Dir to specific Dir.

Examples :

$ cd — Change the current Dir to $HOME ($HOME is the default).

$ cd ~ — Same as above.

$ cd ~foo — Goto the Home Dir of foo

$ cd projects — Change the current Dir to projects

$ cd .. — Goto the parent Dir.

$ cd – — Goto the last visited Dir.


CDPATH – Easy access to frequently used Dirs. For example, I use /usr/a/dir1, /usr/b/dir2/ and /usr/c/dir3 very frequently. So I added the above dirs CDPATH like this


Now there no need for me to type exact path to cd. Just cd dir1 will cd to /usr/a/dir1. Actually cd will looks into CDPATH before doing the action.Note:

  1. Before changing to new path, cd will save the old path in the $OLDPWD evn variable.
  2. After changing to new path, cd will save the new path in the $PWD env variable.
Read : help cd
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