Switched to WordPress

If you are reading this, then you are informed about my switch from Blogger (http://fslog.blogspot.com) to this wordpress based installation. I got free hosting from Zeeblo and got a free .be domain name. I had installed WordPress 2.0 and its blogger import tool offers painless import. No need to change your blogger template manually. You just have to write the blogger username and password and the script automagically imports the site. It also returns your old blogger site back to the same state.

Things to do:

  • Categorise over 90 posts
  • Point my feedburner feeds to the new one
  • Write some pages (about, about me, etc.)
  • Install the required plugins. Almost done.

  • Install a new theme

I think I must do all these stuff in college, as it begins from tomorrow.

Update: I have bought a new .com domain name from Yahoo and it is http://www.fslog.com