ODOC: more

more — File perusal filter for crt viewing

Summary :

Perusal means the act of reading, especially of reading through or with care. More is a filter for paging through text one screenful at a time.

Examples :

$ more myfile1 myfile2 — Show myfile 1 & 2 page by page.

$ more -10 myfile — Show 10lines/page.

$ more -d myfile — Usually more show % of viewed content only at the bottom. With -d it shows more verbose prompt.

$ more -p -10 myfile — Don’t scroll the output. Just the screen and display the text.

$ more -c -10 myfile — Don’t scroll. Instead, paint each screen from the top, clearing the remainder of each line as it is displayed.

$ more -s myfile — Squeeze multiple blank lines into one.

$ more +/foo myfile — The +/ option specifies a string that will be searched for before each file is displayed.

$ more +10 myfile — Start at line number 10.

Apart from this option, more will support few interactive commands also. For example

:f — Show current filename
:n — Next file

:p — Previous file

b — Move backward

f — Move forward

Space — Next page

ENTER — Next Line

Read : man more

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