ODOC: shutdown

shutdown — Bring the system down (Needs Root privilege)

Summary :

shutdown brings the system down in a secure way. All logged-in users are notified that the system is going down, and login is blocked. All processes are first notified that the system is going down by the signal SIGTERM. Runlevel 0 is used to halt the system, runlevel 6 is used to reboot the system. However please take care not to use this command on production systems.

Examples :

# shutdown 12:00 — Shutdown at 12:00

# shutdown +10 — Shutdown after 10min

# shutdown now — Immediate shutdown (now == +0)

# shutdown -t 10 — Wait 10 Sec after warn the user

# shutdown -k — Don’t really shutdown; only warn

# shutdown -r -t 5 — Reboot after shutdown

# shutdown -h -t 5 — Halt after shutdown

# shutdown -f now — Skip fsck (File System Check) on reboot

# shutdown -F now — Force fsck on reboot

# shutdown -c — Cancel the already waiting shutdown process.

Read : man shutdown

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