2.0 released

OpenOffice.orgThe much awaited 2.0 was released on 20 Oct, 2005. natively supports the internationally standardised OpenDocument format, which several countries, as well as the U.S. state of Massachusetts, have established as the default for office documents. It is available in 36 languages (more promised) and as usual runs natively on GNU/Linux, Windows, Sun Solaris, Mac OS X and more. This new OpenDocument format prevents vendor lock-in and can be opened by any office application.

In addition to OpenDocument format, it has a new database module, improved PDF support, a superior spreadsheet module, enhanced Desktop integration and many more features.

View some of the nice screenshots here.

So, will the new OpenOffice2.0 be a serious competitor to MS Office and what will be the answer to the OpenDocument Format? We have to wait and watch.

Update: Here is the download link to the OpenOffice 2.0 version.

Update 2: Here is a comparison between OpenOffice and MS Office.

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