GNU/Linux – Live CD

I am writing this article for those of you who want to know more about the GNU/Linux system and how they can try it without risking their data.

GNU/Linux is a free (free as in freedom) operating system which can run on many platforms. GNU/Linux has many features like greater security, ability to run on low-end systems and so on. Moreover there are loads of free software preinstalled with a GNU/Linux that it make common tasks that you used to do with your Windows easy with GNU/Linux.

For those of you who would like to try GNU/Linux but would not want to install it before seeing the power of Linux, there is a solution. There are Live CDs of GNU/Linux that can be put in your CDROM drive to boot directly into a feature rich GNU/Linux system.

I would suggest two popular Live CDs

  • Knoppix is based on the Debian system which has more than 2GB of free softwares compressed onto a single CD.
  • Ubuntu is based on the now popular Ubuntu system (which is based on Debian).

So you have chosen your Distribution. Here are the steps to boot into your Linux box.

  1. You just have to download the ISOs of the distribution you like and burn it onto a CD.
  2. Pop it in your CDROM drive and adjust the boot sequence of your system to boot from the CD.
  3. Boot your system and press Enter when shown.
  4. Bingo! You have just booted into your GNU/Linux system.

If you want to return back to Windows, you just have to remove the CD and reboot, and you are back with your old Windows.

Play around with your system and wait for more articles on how to continue from your Live CD to a full fledged installed GNU/Linux system.

If at all you face any problems, feel free to comment here.

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