25+ reasons to switch to Linux

The Linux users group (LUG) of Bellevue, Washington, recently published an article titled “25 Reasons to Convert to Linux” on the group’s Web site. The comprehensive list discusses the well-known reasons why “Businesses, educational institutions, governmental agencies and other organizations around the world are converting their computer operating systems from Microsoft Windows to Linux at an increasing pace”–cost, licensing issues, support from the community and security.

Other reasons on the list for switching center around ideas of openness, in terms of the source code and file formats, and the benefits that openness offers users. By the end of the list, which also notes that Linux is an ethical and law-abiding computing option (unlike others).

Though the rate of acceptance of linux is increasing, I wonder how much it has penetrated the Indian market. Even in my college, there are systems with Red Hat Linux(old version), it coexists along with Microsoft Windows. And to my knowledge, they are used only by the final year students who do their projects. But, one real good thing is that we are accustomed to Mac OS and we have 70% of systems as iMac and EMac.

What steps can we take to improve the penetration on GNU/Linux in Colleges and Schools?

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Try Ruby in your browser

Most of you might have heard about the new object oriented language that is creating waves. It is said that Ruby is relatively easy to learn and program. So, why don’t you try ruby first, without installing it. Try Ruby on your browser now. There is also a 15 minute short online tutorial to try out.
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One Day One Site series in New Linux User

Jon from New Linux User has started a new blog series called One Day One Site. He would be writing about the various sites/forums where one frequents if they face some problem while on their GNU/Linux box. So, he is going to visit such sites and forums and make a small review of that site. It sure helps to get to know more sites other than to just depend on out LUG‘s mailing list.

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Regular Expressions

Regular expressions play a major part of any programmer or a computer science student. I had Theory of Computation last semester and I still have no idea what I learnt or was supposed to learn. But there was one topic that I loved. It was regular expressions. Here is a nice tutorial which shows beginners what is regular expressions and shows the real power of it. It has easy to understand examples which highlights the matched text according to the pattern.

Free Remote KDE Desktops

People are now providing free remote KDE desktops via NX. I think this is a really cool idea by CosmoPOD, where they provide

Free 1GB online to store and edit your emails, office documents, calander, organizer, photos and files, chat to friends play games surf the web even faster and more from any computer on your own personal online desktop and access it from anywhere in the world.

This is a real boon to people who frequently travel and have access only to a computer with internet connection and are unable to install their favourite operating system.

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