in pictures: Image based tutorial

I got mail about a nice website called in pictures from Chris Charuhas. It is a nice site having tutorials about using Office,, Dreamweaver, etc.

The interesting part of this is that it is fully based on pictures. All the tutorials have nice explanations with screenshots explaining how to do every step. They are easy to understand and I would like to see more such tutorials for other open source softwares. Their press release says that they would bring in more tutorials for programming languages like PHP, Perl, etc. I would also like to see tutorials for other applications like Gimp, Evolution, etc., for the normal user.

Maybe this mode of teaching will help bring in more people to FOSS world.

Elephants Dream – Movie in Blender

Elephants Dream is a movie made using open source tools for production. It is done primarily using Blender which is a great open source tool for making 3D modelling and animation. You can download the movie in various qualities and it can be viewed in VLC Media Player or MPlayer. The project files are also released under the Creative Commons License.

Python Speed and Performance Tips

This site in the Python Wiki is devoted to various tips and tricks that can be used to improve the performance of your Python programs. There are various tips right from sorting, string concatenation, looping, profiling, etc. Nice site to go for when you are refactoring the program.

Linux Dictionary

Found this via Digg which has a huge online dictionary full of Linux terms. There are over 24,700 definitions about everything you wanted to know about linux.
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Python website redesigned

Python LogoPython has a new logo and also has redesigned the website. The new site has a better colors and also has rounded corners. The logo is also new and better than the older one. The site design is also professional looking and a lot more organised than the previous site.

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Reddit Broken

Reddit BrokenReddit the popular news site which publishes news items according to the votes of its members has broken down. While submitting an article, it showed this page with the words looks like we shouldn’t have stopped using lisp…
Funny yeah. But I would like to know what was the problem. It uses the framework.

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Free Solaris 10 DVD-Rom Media kit giveaways

Sun is giving away Solaris 10 DVD-Rom Media kit. Solaris is considered as the most advanced UNIX operating system ever. It has many new features and capabilities and yes its free too. With this free DVD you can explore the latest features and technologies of the Solaris 10 operating system. You can order it from Sun Solaris promo site. Please note that Media Kit only available for x86/x64 systems.
[Via nixCraft]