Python website redesigned

Python LogoPython has a new logo and also has redesigned the website. The new site has a better colors and also has rounded corners. The logo is also new and better than the older one. The site design is also professional looking and a lot more organised than the previous site.

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MySQL vs PostgreSQL

Found this nice site where there is a comparison about the two most popular database – MySQL and PostgreSQL. It compares MySQL 3.x, 4.0, 5.x and PostgreSQL 7.x. Though POstgreSQL has nicer features, most webhosting companies support only MySQL.
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Reddit Broken

Reddit BrokenReddit the popular news site which publishes news items according to the votes of its members has broken down. While submitting an article, it showed this page with the words looks like we shouldn’t have stopped using lisp…
Funny yeah. But I would like to know what was the problem. It uses the framework.

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PyPy – Python Implementation in Python

PyPy is a Python implementation written in Python. Of late people have started to implement a language in itself to demonstrate the versatility of the language and to show its applicability for large projects. Writing operating systems and compiler/interpreters for languages are the most complex things in software development. Since PyPy is implemented in Python, it provides the high level of abstraction and compactness of the language. This makes the implementation easy to understand than in C. Currently it is not well optimised, but in future they may be optimisations to allow prorgams to run faster than CPython.
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Try Ruby in your browser

Most of you might have heard about the new object oriented language that is creating waves. It is said that Ruby is relatively easy to learn and program. So, why don’t you try ruby first, without installing it. Try Ruby on your browser now. There is also a 15 minute short online tutorial to try out.
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Graph of programming languages in 2005

Job Graph
Saw this nice site which displays a graph of the programming languages that were most sought after. Indeed is a site where one can search for any job listed.

The popularity of Python has been rising (though it fell in december) and so is ruby (steady rise). I still haven’t tried my hand at Ruby, though I got a book. I think I should see how it is. Also Lisp was in my agenda for a long time, but never had any time to do that.

So, what languages do you think are hot right now?

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Gideon – GUI Designer for GTK/C++

Gideon is a versatile GUI designer for GTK/C++. The goal of the project is to provide an easy-to-use RAD tool for C++ programmers who want to create multi-platform GTK-based GUI applications. Gideon is not overloaded but strives to provide all necessary features and remain ‘simple and lightweight’ to end user. Gideon is highly productive for experts and accessible for newcomers. Try Gideon for your GUI programming in C++.

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