web.py 0.2 released

webpy Logoweb.py is a web framework for python that is so simple and powerful. The new version 0.2 was released on 27 Nov after many days lying in the subversion repository. The website also presents a new layout.

It is a nice framework and I have also tried writing a very simple web app using it. I think I would mostly be using this framework for my final year project. Or are there any other better frameworks available?

Python 101 cheatsheet

Python columnist Evelyn Mitchell brings you a quick reference and learning tools for newbies who want to get to know the language. Print it, keep it close at hand, and get down to programming! You can get to know the basics of the language if you are a programmer of other object oriented languages.

SICP Video Lectures

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs(popularly known as 6.001) has been an important subject in MIT. There has been a text book which has been followed by many universities around the world. If you wanted to know how to program using Lisp/Scheme, then this book is a must have for all the Computer Science Students. Here are a set of video lectures for the book. There are 20 lectures – each about 500mb totalling to around 10GB of video.

No Rails – Love the snake

I told previously that I would spend the holidays learning Ruby and Rails, for Rails Day 2006. But, unfortunately I couldn’t learn much to build a really nice app in Rails. And Rails Day 2006 has finally ended. I think the prime reason for my failure was that it was difficult for me to get to learn Ruby. I have been a python guy and love the whitespace and clear syntax it provides. I mean, why should there be two ways to run a simple loop or a if condition.
Also I see no use for blocks. It just makes reading someone’s code more difficult. But thats not the case with python. The code is easier to understand. Infact I could easily learn the language less than a week(even less).
So, here I am trying to stay with Python and try my hand at some of the web frameworks.

Linux Device Driver Kit

Are you a device driver developer who longs for a proper device driver development kit for Linux? Here is a Linux Device Driver Kit which is released as a CD image for download. This CD image consists of everything a device driver author would wish for – copy of linux kernel source code, pre-built copies of all of the in-kernel docbook documentation for easy browsing, a full copy of the O’Reilly book, “Linux Device Drivers, third edition”.

There are also few things that would be included in the future releases, like

  • searchable index of all documentation
  • prettier webpages
  • more documentation
  • possible inclusion of the KernelNewbies wiki.

There is also a CDROM label included in the root directory which could be printed.

JDK on GNU/Linux

Installing java platform on your favourite GNU/Linux distro can be very hard to do because it was licensed in such a way that it couldn’t be packaged along with your distro CDs. All that will become history as a group of Debian developers, Ubuntu developers, Sun engineers, Sun lawyers have devised a new binary license form so that it could be bundled along with your CD. So, all you have to do is to do an apt-get install sun-java5-jre.
Other famous distributions like Gentoo, NexentaOS, Belenix, OpenSolaris will also have it soon.

Source: http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/webmink?entry=jdk_on_gnu_linux_something