ODOC: apropos

apropos – search the whatis database for strings


This command will search the given string the Whatis database and list the matches on the screen. For example, the following command will list the available (in the whatis database) compilers:

$ apropos compiler

Read: man apropos, whatis

I think these are the basic help command you would really need. After these I would write about the other important commands needed to work your way through GNU/Linux system.

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ODOC: info

info – Read documentation in Info format.


Apart from Man pages, some commands and applications come with a detail manual pages, called info pages, which is in info format. This info command provides Menu, Search, Cross-Referance and many other facilities.


$ info — List all info pages available in the system.

$ pinfo — Curses based lynx-style info browser.

$ info emacs — Show Emacs info page. (See man emacs, to feel the difference)

Read: info info, info pinfo

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ODOC: man

This is my first post of One Day One Command (ODOC) series. I hope this series will help other newbies to learn GNU/Linux the right way (through Shell)

man – Format and display the ‘man’ual pages.

Summary :

Most of the Linux commands come with a specially formatted manuals, which explains “how to use the command and list options etc..”. ‘man’ is used to view the manual page.
This command has a number of useful options like -f, -k, -K, …


$ man command

You can also try

$ man man

to read the manual of man.

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