Returned to Blogging

It has been a long time since I blogged in FSLog as my blog host was down for several weeks. I have found another host which provides free services for this blog. I tried to change to the free host but was not satisfied due to the limitations (no plugins, themes, etc). Also I wouldn’t like to lose this PR4 site. So I am back here and I will renew this domain in 1 month. I should promise myself to blog more and also bring in newer services.

Sorry for the break

Actually I am sorry for the long break in my blogging. I was too much occupied in the college work and I have to do my final year project next semester and I plan to learn Ruby on Rails atleast for this project. I have to spend more time for Ruby. Anyway, let me see if I can write some sort of series for learning Ruby or RoR. I will have to do that after I have learnt something.

By the way, I have also changed the theme to a better looking (atleast thats what i think) one than the default Kubrick theme. Though I am not a huge fan of such kind of design (i prefer 2 column) I will see how good this one works out.

Update: I have changed to a better looking theme. I dont like that old theme. Anyway I will stick with this for now. Maybe change it later.

Permalinks problem

There was some problem with the permalinks structure as my .htaccess file was changed with the backup. I just now noticed that problem and so have set things up. Now the permalink feature will work fine. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New Computer

Sorry for not posting for a long time. I have been living without my computer for about 2 weeks and I am afraid that I may become mad. I will most probably get my new computer by May 1 or 2. I think I will have an AMD Athlon 3000+ 64bit, 1 Gig of RAM, 120GB harddisk and so on. I wonder what to do till I get my computer.

And by the way, did I mention that tomorrow is my 20th birthday.

Host problems

The site was not available to anyone for more than a week. This was due to some problem with my host and today the backups were restored and I have got back my blog. I guess there won’t be any more problems form now on. I think it is time to resume my blogging work.

Repaired Keyboard

I couldn’t post yesterday because my keyboard drank some coffee and it is not in a working condition. I am currently accessing the computer in my friend’s house and I also have to prepare for two paper presentations in college. So I guess, I am a bit busy for the 2 weeks and I will try to squeeze myself for the occassional posts.


Site Redesigned

Free Software Blog now has a new look. Nearly a month after me changing hosts, I have atlast redesigned the theme with my favourite color – blue. This was done with Shocking Blue Green theme as a base. I am still yet finished with this theme and may bring in more smaller changes. Please comment on the theme and also suggest what other things can be made. Also if you can’t view this page correctly in any browser, please inform me via comments.

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Domain registered

Atlast I convinced my father to allow me to use his credit card to register a domain. I have atlast registered a domain name ( with Yahoo. The domain is still pending and would be active later. I guess by 2 days I would have setup my nameservers and changed the hosting information with Zeeblo.
So will become this blog’s new home.
Update: I have changed the domain name and the new and final home of this blog is Got a few problems in the start, but with a little help from tinster at #wordpress sorted it out.

Switched to WordPress

If you are reading this, then you are informed about my switch from Blogger ( to this wordpress based installation. I got free hosting from Zeeblo and got a free .be domain name. I had installed WordPress 2.0 and its blogger import tool offers painless import. No need to change your blogger template manually. You just have to write the blogger username and password and the script automagically imports the site. It also returns your old blogger site back to the same state.

Things to do:

  • Categorise over 90 posts
  • Point my feedburner feeds to the new one
  • Write some pages (about, about me, etc.)
  • Install the required plugins. Almost done.
  • Install a new theme

I think I must do all these stuff in college, as it begins from tomorrow.

Update: I have bought a new .com domain name from Yahoo and it is

Happy New Year

First a very Happy New Year to all. I must first apologize for not posting regularly. But yesterday I went for a reunion among my old school friends and we had a great party. I think this year onwards I must try to post regularly and also try to write nice articles. I am planning to shift my blog from Blogger to a WordPress one. I must get some money first and try to get some space. If you feel like donating to it, please mail me at
And Happy New Year again.