Fedora Core 6 Live CD

Fedore Core LogoFedora Core 6 is now available as a live CD. This is great news to the old fedora fans out there. Fedora is a project that is sponsored by RedHat and is contributed by many developers around the world. These people create high quality open source software which can be used by anyone.

It was a great distro back in those old days. But after Ubuntu came along, it lost its place. I haven’t tried FC for the past 2 years and this live CD would be a nice way to try it.

The live CD is available for i386 architecture only and you can download it from the official website or from torrents. It is about 683mb.

Ubuntu Lite for older computers

Ubuntu LiteUbuntu Lite is a stripped down version of the popular Ubuntu GNU/Linux system. This is can bring the life to those old hardware lying around. You can check it out here, and download a torrent for an install CD here.

The default Window Manager is IceWM. It has Abiword and GNUMeric for the basic office needs. I think I would like to see it running on the old system that I have just to see it working.

Fluxbuntu Linux nBuild1 Alpha released

FluxbuntuFluxbuntu is a Ubuntu-based derivative that uses FluxBox as the desktop environment (window manager). It is lightweight, swift and efficient compared to Gnome or KDE. These features makes Fluxbuntu suitable for vast range of computers, from low-end to high-end.
It installs on a Pentium 2 233MHz with 384MB of Ram within 12 minutes after starting the install process.
Minimum Requirements:
CPU: Pentium 2 233MHz (It might work on lower i have only tested it on this cpu)
RAM: 128 MB
HardDrive Space: 2GB (1.2GB Installed)

Ubuntu Edgy Eft opens 40 apps with no instability

Here is an awesome video which shows the performance and stability of Ubuntu Edgy Eft (Knot 2). The person actually tried to crash the new Ubuntu by opening all the applications in the menu. But there is absolutely no slowdown or crashes. Watch the video to see it yourself.

IT@School GNU/Linux

IT@School GNU/Linux is a single CD customised GNU/Linux distribution containing the typical software tools required by an high school student or teacher. Apart from a host of typical desktop applications it also contains various educational applications like TuxPaint, Ghemical, Kalzium, DrGeo, Gcompris etc.

The CD was developed by IT@School Project in association with Free Software Foundation of India (www.gnu.org.in).

It has various tools like Editors, Educational Tools, Internet Browsing tools, Python for teaching programming, etc. It would be nice OS for a student. However I wonder, how many school children get to work with a computer in the remote villages in India?

Download IT@School GNU/Linux try it out.

Edit: Fixed the broken links.

OpenBSD – Closer Look

OpenBSD can be called the most secure operating system used by man now. The development process of the OS focuses on building a secure, open and free UNIX platform. Most of the tools used for cryptography and security like OpenSSH were developed by these guys. Here is an article which takes a closer look at OpenBSD.

Ubuntu Popularity Contest

Ubuntu has a package called Popularity Contest (popcon), where you can vote on your popular, most-used application every week. It is fully automated and once configured, it takes care of the rest. This information will help the developers to make decisions over which packages should be promoted and which should be in standard installs.

To set it using the command:

$sudo dpkg-reconfigure popularity-contest

You can send the information through HTTP or via EMail. I have set it up through HTTP. The results is updated in popcon.ubuntu.com.