How to think like a Ruby Computer Scientist

How to think like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python is an excellent book for learning Python for the newbies. Here is another book similar to that for those who want to learn Ruby.

How to think like a computer scientist: Learning with Ruby is a book for those newbies who want to learn the basics of Ruby, Objects and how to use them for creating various data structures like linked list, stacks, queues, trees, heaps, maps, etc. It is still under development and will make a good book. Currently there is no downloadable PDF files. But you can wget the html files.

Linux Device Driver Kit

Are you a device driver developer who longs for a proper device driver development kit for Linux? Here is a Linux Device Driver Kit which is released as a CD image for download. This CD image consists of everything a device driver author would wish for – copy of linux kernel source code, pre-built copies of all of the in-kernel docbook documentation for easy browsing, a full copy of the O’Reilly book, “Linux Device Drivers, third edition”.

There are also few things that would be included in the future releases, like

  • searchable index of all documentation
  • prettier webpages
  • more documentation
  • possible inclusion of the KernelNewbies wiki.

There is also a CDROM label included in the root directory which could be printed.