[email protected] GNU/Linux

[email protected] GNU/Linux is a single CD customised GNU/Linux distribution containing the typical software tools required by an high school student or teacher. Apart from a host of typical desktop applications it also contains various educational applications like TuxPaint, Ghemical, Kalzium, DrGeo, Gcompris etc.

The CD was developed by [email protected] Project in association with Free Software Foundation of India (www.gnu.org.in).

It has various tools like Editors, Educational Tools, Internet Browsing tools, Python for teaching programming, etc. It would be nice OS for a student. However I wonder, how many school children get to work with a computer in the remote villages in India?

Download [email protected] GNU/Linux try it out.

Edit: Fixed the broken links.

Sorry for the break

Actually I am sorry for the long break in my blogging. I was too much occupied in the college work and I have to do my final year project next semester and I plan to learn Ruby on Rails atleast for this project. I have to spend more time for Ruby. Anyway, let me see if I can write some sort of series for learning Ruby or RoR. I will have to do that after I have learnt something.

By the way, I have also changed the theme to a better looking (atleast thats what i think) one than the default Kubrick theme. Though I am not a huge fan of such kind of design (i prefer 2 column) I will see how good this one works out.

Update: I have changed to a better looking theme. I dont like that old theme. Anyway I will stick with this for now. Maybe change it later.

OpenBSD – Closer Look

OpenBSD can be called the most secure operating system used by man now. The development process of the OS focuses on building a secure, open and free UNIX platform. Most of the tools used for cryptography and security like OpenSSH were developed by these guys. Here is an article which takes a closer look at OpenBSD.