Linux Device Driver Kit

Are you a device driver developer who longs for a proper device driver development kit for Linux? Here is a Linux Device Driver Kit which is released as a CD image for download. This CD image consists of everything a device driver author would wish for – copy of linux kernel source code, pre-built copies of all of the in-kernel docbook documentation for easy browsing, a full copy of the O’Reilly book, “Linux Device Drivers, third edition”.

There are also few things that would be included in the future releases, like

  • searchable index of all documentation
  • prettier webpages
  • more documentation
  • possible inclusion of the KernelNewbies wiki.

There is also a CDROM label included in the root directory which could be printed.

Elephants Dream – Movie in Blender

Elephants Dream is a movie made using open source tools for production. It is done primarily using Blender which is a great open source tool for making 3D modelling and animation. You can download the movie in various qualities and it can be viewed in VLC Media Player or MPlayer. The project files are also released under the Creative Commons License.

vi Survival Guide

Here is a survival guide for the famous editors of all time – vi. This vi survival guide was written in vi and is a nice tutorial to know how to get yourself familiar with the keystrokes required in vi. However I use emacs – which I think is more easier to use than vi or nano.

Mandriva One Live CD

Mandriva One is a new Live CD that has all the tools required for Office work, Internet, Multimedia, etc. You just have to insert the Mandriva One CD and boot through it. You can also easily install the distro onto your harddisk using a few clicks. It also copies all the files that were created during your live session. Though I am not a fan of Mandriva series, it is the best distro that a newbie can use.
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JDK on GNU/Linux

Installing java platform on your favourite GNU/Linux distro can be very hard to do because it was licensed in such a way that it couldn’t be packaged along with your distro CDs. All that will become history as a group of Debian developers, Ubuntu developers, Sun engineers, Sun lawyers have devised a new binary license form so that it could be bundled along with your CD. So, all you have to do is to do an apt-get install sun-java5-jre.
Other famous distributions like Gentoo, NexentaOS, Belenix, OpenSolaris will also have it soon.


Windows XP EULA in plain english

Have you read the EULA(End User Licensing Agreement) of Microsoft’s Windows XP? Since it is too long and boring to read, we just click Agree. But here is a page which points out what the EULA actually means to the End Users. Some of the parts are scary to think about.
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Permalinks problem

There was some problem with the permalinks structure as my .htaccess file was changed with the backup. I just now noticed that problem and so have set things up. Now the permalink feature will work fine. Sorry for the inconvenience.