Switched to WordPress

If you are reading this, then you are informed about my switch from Blogger (http://fslog.blogspot.com) to this wordpress based installation. I got free hosting from Zeeblo and got a free .be domain name. I had installed WordPress 2.0 and its blogger import tool offers painless import. No need to change your blogger template manually. You just have to write the blogger username and password and the script automagically imports the site. It also returns your old blogger site back to the same state.

Things to do:

  • Categorise over 90 posts
  • Point my feedburner feeds to the new one
  • Write some pages (about, about me, etc.)
  • Install the required plugins. Almost done.
  • Install a new theme

I think I must do all these stuff in college, as it begins from tomorrow.

Update: I have bought a new .com domain name from Yahoo and it is http://www.fslog.com

ODOC: mkdir

mkdir — MaKe DIRectories.

Summary :

mkdir Create the DIRECTORY(ies) with the specified names, if they do not already exist.

Examples :

$ mkdir dir1 — Create a dir1, if dir1 is NOT an existing file or directory.

$ mkdir dir1 dir2 dir3 — Create 3 Directories.

$ mkdir -m 744 dir1 — Create a dir1 with specified permission mode.

$ mkdir -p dir1/dir2/dir3 — Make any missing parent directories for each argument. Suppose if dir1 or dir2 is NOT exist, then that dir will be created before creating the dir3.

$ mkdir -v dir1/dir2/dir3 — Print a message for each created dir.

Read : man mkdir

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Krusader – File Manager for GNU/Linux


Krusader is an advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager for KDE and other desktops in the *nix world, similar to Midnight Commanger or Total Commander. It provides all the file management features you could possibly want along with extensive archive handling, mounted filesystem support with a built-in mount manager, search module. It also has an internal viewer/editor. You can also rename whole batches of files.
It also has FTP/SAMBA accessing with SFTP/SCP support. So you can safely send your files accross the network. It is a nice tool and I must thank Iain for pointing out this one.

ODOC: jobs

jobs — Lists the active jobs

Summary :

jobs is bash build-in command, which is used to list the actives jobs in the current shell.

Examples :

$ sleep 60 & — Just run this command 5 times. Create dummy active jobs for testing.

$ jobs — List all active jobs.

$ jobs -l — List all active jobs with pid.

$ jobs -p — List only the pid of all active jobs.

$ jobs -n — List only jobs that have changed status since the last notification are printed.

$ jobs -r — Show only running jobs.

$ jobs -s — Show only stopped jobs.

Read : man jobs / help jobs (in Bash Shell)

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ODOC: rm

rm — ReMove files or directories.

Summary :

rm removes each specified file. By default, it does not remove directories.

Examples :

$ rm myfile — Remove the myfile from current dir.

$ rm f1 f2 f3 — Remove f1,f2 and f3.

$ rm f? — Remove all files, whose name start with f and followed by single char.

$ rm f* — Remove all files, whose name starting with f.

$ rm -i myfile — Ask for interactive conformation (Y/N).

$ rm -f myfile — Force, Ignore nonexistent files.

$ rm -d mydir — Remove the directory.

$ rm -r mydir — Remove the contents of dirs recursively.

$ rm -v myfile — Explain what is being done.

$ rm “my file” — Removing a file, whose name has space.

$ rm — -h — This is very useful for removing files whose name start with a ‘-‘
‘–‘ === End of command line options.

Read : man rm

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Happy New Year

First a very Happy New Year to all. I must first apologize for not posting regularly. But yesterday I went for a reunion among my old school friends and we had a great party. I think this year onwards I must try to post regularly and also try to write nice articles. I am planning to shift my blog from Blogger to a WordPress one. I must get some money first and try to get some space. If you feel like donating to it, please mail me at srinivasanr@gmail.com.
And Happy New Year again.