ODOC: echo

echo – Display a line of text on the screen


Echo is used to show a line of text on the screen with limited Esc sequence (BELL, Backspace, H-Tab, V-Tab,…) handling capabilities.


$ echo — print a empty line
$ echo “FreenSoftware” — Just prints the Line
$ echo -e “FreenSoftware” — Interpret and print the Line

Read: man echo

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Debian GNU/Solaris announced

An initial pilot program of Nexenta – GNU/Solaris has been announced and the initial trials are limited to Ubuntu developers and the entire Debian community. Sun Microsystems recenly opened the Solaris Kernel under the CDDL license, which allows any one to build custom Operating Systems. So a new Debian GNU/Solaris distro has been created. It is great to see how the open source community works together.
Also see my previous post about Belenix – a live Solaris CD by a group in India.

Mac Mini leads to MiniPC with Linux

Mini PCA Taiwanese systems integrator is readying a tiny Linux-powered PC likely to make even Mac Mini owners envious. The AOpen MiniPC measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches, is powered by an Intel Pentium M or Celeron M processor, and runs Linspire Linux.

The MiniPC will be available initially in two versions. The MP915-C will be powered by an Intel Celeron M 360 processor clocked at 1.4GHz. The MP915-P will be powered by an Intel Pentium M 740 (Dothan) processor clocked at 1.73 GHz. Both models will use Intel’s 915 GM chipset, and come with a 512MB DDR2 400 SODIMM memory module running at 533MHz.

Mini PC

The Celeron-based MiniPC will include a 40GB hard drive, as well as a slot-loading DVD player and CD writer. The Pentium-based model will have an 80GB drive, and adds DVD+/- writing capability. Both models inlcude a pair of USB 2.0 host ports, along with an IEEE 1394 (FireWire) port. Both include Gigabit Ethernet ports, while the Pentium-based model comes pre-installed with an 802.11b/g mini-PCI card.
Both MiniPC’s include DVI (digital video interface) ports, and S-Video.

Mini PC

The A-Open MiniPC will ship this month in the US through TigerDirect, with prices starting at $399, including the Linspire operating system. A $499 version running WIndows XP will also be available. The Pentium M version is likely to have a street price in the US of about $600.

Template Changed

Atlast I have changed the template of my blog. I guess it looks nice and simple. If you find any thing wrong or not functioning or think this looks cool, please comment here. I want to make sure that the new template is accessible in all platforms and browsers.

ODOC: date

date – Print & set the system data & time


date will print the time information in different formats and we can also make a custom formats using the options.


$ date == print the current date and time
$ date -d ‘3year ago’ == Same date but 3 yr ago(see how user friendly linux is?)
$ date –set=’-10 minutes’ == Reduce 10 min in the current time
$ date ‘+%b %_e %a %X %Z %Y’ == Current date in custom format.

Read : info date, man date

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ODOC: apropos

apropos – search the whatis database for strings


This command will search the given string the Whatis database and list the matches on the screen. For example, the following command will list the available (in the whatis database) compilers:

$ apropos compiler

Read: man apropos, whatis

I think these are the basic help command you would really need. After these I would write about the other important commands needed to work your way through GNU/Linux system.

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