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Shell Prompt – An Overview

Now I have decided to write articles which will help the new linux user to do things the pro-way i.e. using the shell.
There are many different shells available with the GNU/Linux system.
Sh – The old UNIX shell
Bash – Bourne Again Shell – rewrite of the sh shell
csh – C Shell – similar to C funtions
and so on.

Most GNU/Linux systems come with the default Bash shell and it can be recognised by a $ prompt or a # prompt.
The $ prompt indicates that you are logged in as an ordinary user.
The # prompt indicates that you are logged in as a root user. This is most powerful user, so just be careful with it.
You can log in to the root user at anytime by using the su command.
I think this gives a basic overview of the shell. I have decided to start writing a series which will teach a new command everyday.

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