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Skribit: Suggest topics to write about

Skribit is a product I found out today in news.YC. I think this is one tool which is essential for bloggers like me who can’t find interesting topics to blog about. This product will help solve the problem of writer’s block by engaging the community into the blog’s content.

People can suggest new topics which they would like to be covered or they can vote on topics already added by other members in the community. It is non-intrusive and takes just a simple sign-on (they have openid too) and adding a widget to your blog. A very simple idea.

So, if you want me to write about any particular topic, just use the widget in the side bar and suggest new topics.

Jottit – Aaron’s new startup

After Infogami and Reddit, Aaron Swartz has a new startup called Jottit along with Simon Carstensen under It is similar to Infogami and is a plain vanilla wiki. You can easily create a page for yourself by visiting the site and typing out some content. You will be given a random page which you can claim later and also change to a sub-domain. It is written using – and excellent python web framework. I wonder what will be business model for this and whether it will be able to stand up against spammers who brought down Infogami.