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GPL Version 3 out

GPL Version 3GNU General Public License has been atlast updated to version 3 after nearly a year of drafts and lot of arguments. It was release yesterday – which is also the release date of Apple’s iPhone. The final text of GPLv3 is accompanied with a rationale document explaining the few changes since the “Last Call” draft. The final text of LGPLv3 is available as well. The GPL FAQ has already been updated with additional information and will be improved over the next few weeks. AGPLv3, FDLv2, and SFDL are still being revised.

Google Desktop for linux

Google has brought another app over to linux. Google Desktop which is brings the power of Google search to your personal files, is now available for linux. It is really nice to see that it doesn’t run on a emulated layer(wine) like picasa or maps instead requires glibc 2.3.2+, gtk+ 2.2.0+.

Google Desktop Screenshot

Google Desktop for linux has various features like:

  • Quick Search box: Just press ctrl twice and you get the quick search box.
  • Search your Gmail and web history: Allows you to search your email and history even if you are offline as the index is stored on your computer
  • Many file types: Searches your Gmail, text, source code, PDF, postscript, html, Thunderbird mail, OO.o documents, images, music, man and info pages, files and folder names. Phew!
  • Familiar results: The search result is same as your regular Google search result
  • Smart indexing: Indexes the files automatically
  • Google integration: If you search for something on the web, it will show related information present on your harddisk too
  • File Versioning: Creates cached copies(snapshots) of your files – so you can get previous versions of files or even accidentally deleted data (now someone must complain about it)
  • Multi-Language support: Supports multiple languages based on the language setting.

You can download Google Desktop for linux .deb / .rpm or there are information which gives clear steps to install on your favourite distro.

Quick roundup

I was not able to blog for some days due to the exams (bye bye to college). Let me just post about a quick happening in the Free Software world.

Gaim is now Pidgin IM

Gaim project, the famous open source instant messenger is now renamed to Pidgin IM. This is because of a lengthy and secret legal process with AOL. This legal problem prevented any code release except betas. Now Gaim will be called as Pidgin IM and the official website is and the development is moved to

Quick roundup

Here is a quick roundup of interesting news during the blog downtime.

  • After I installed enlightenment, I bought a new NVidia FX 5200 and installed beryl on my ubuntu. It is really cool. After working in beryl it is difficult to work in a 2D desktop environment like metacity or windows. Will write a guide to installing beryl soon
  • Google’s Summer of Code is up and they are inviting projects from students. This time they plan to take about 800 students and the deadline for the applications is 24 march. As I was busy with my final year project, I still haven’t written the application. Got to go write it now.

Xfce 4.4 visual tour

Xfce logoXfce the light-weight desktop environment and the latest version 4.4 was released two days back. It has been a favorite desktop for many users and the latest version has numerous features like Desktop icons, File Manager, text editor, removable drives or media. Read about the many features in this version in this tour.

Drupal 5 released

Drupal LogoDrupal the most popular open source content management system has moved on to version 5 after almost 8 months of development. The most important feature included in this version is the easy to use web based installer. The UI is also greatly improved and is easy to use. This version also allows themers to develop better themes for Drupal.

Drupal also celebrates its 6th birthday with its release of version 5.