Feedly – social, magazine like start page for firefox

Today I found this excellent firefox addon called feedly – which calls itself as a more social and magazine-like start page for firefox. I see this as a great RSS feed reader which is integrated with Google reader, twitter and other social thingies.

This is very well integrated with Google reader that any feeds you subscribe here automatically is reflected in Google reader. Reading a post here marks the post as read in Google reader.

You can recommend, tweet and annotate articles which enables your friends to know what you are doing with your feeds. One important feature is allowing the user to view the post from the site directly in an IFrame. So, I can comment on a post without leaving my feed reader.

They also have a feedly API which lets website owners to write custom views for their content. They also have a plan to allow the owners to better design ads for displaying in their feedly UI.

Overall this is a nice way to read my feeds and I think I am going to try this one for some days. It is available as a free Firefox extension and you can install it by going to the feedly website.

Update: They even have got it integrated with del.icio.us.

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